Custom Glass Mirrors from Inst-I-Glass

Call Inst-I-Glass for all custom glass mirrors:

  • Replacement glass mirrors for dressers and wardrobes
  • Mirror wall for your home gym
  • Oversized glass mirrors for dance or martial arts studio
  • Exercise room mirrors
  • Commercial dressing room mirrors and restroom mirrors

Inst-I-Glass can assist with any and all glass mirror needs. Whether you need glass mirrors for a dance or martial arts studio, an exercise room or for a beautiful heavy glass mirror with beveled edges added to your décor – we can help. We’ll measure, cut and install glass mirrors perfect for your space, fast.

We are your custom glass mirror experts! At Inst-I-Glass, we’ll work with you to understand how your mirror will be used, and recommend the appropriate type of glass mirror to suite your needs.

instiglass custom glass mirrors