Inst-I-Glass replacement glass services, FAST!

Whether you have glass with moisture between the panes, or broken glass after a storm or accident, Inst-I-Glass is ready to bring you the fastest service possible, the highest quality attainable, and prices that are fair and reasonable. Why wait weeks? Inst-I-Glass can measure, manufacture, and install replacement glass with same-day service for most projects!

1 Glass Fogged by Seal Failure: Energy efficient insulated glass in windows and doors is prone to seal failure, marked by mineral deposits and moisture between the panes. That doesn't mean you need new replacement windows or doors, nor should you have to wait two or three weeks for replacement glass. Our proprietary process will have new sealed glass installed in the existing sash in about an hour.

2 Broken Glass: Whether glass is broken by a bad storm or bad luck, your priorty is to protect your family and restore your home's security quickly. Because Inst-I-Glass can replace window glass immediately, you'll have no need to pay for a board-up service. In many cases, our prices may even save you from filing an insurance claim so always call us first!

3 Tempered Glass: Tempered or “safety glass” requires a special process that will add three to five days to the project. But ask us about laminate glass, which for certain situations can take the place of tempered glass, and allow for same-day window glass repair.

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The current economy has increased consumer interest in preserving rather than replacing. Inst-I-Glass specializes in the restoration of your existing windows and doors, avoiding the expense and hassle of buying new replacement glass windows. When glass is broken, speedy repairs are important! Fogged glass that has moisture between the panes (seal failure) is no longer attractive or energy efficient. Replacing only the glass saves both time and money! It’s also a greener choice, restoring energy efficiency, reducing pollution from manufacturing, and preventing needless landfill burden.